Woods of Turan Choks
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Date of Release

January 5 2012


Central Sector






Action Forms, glitchhunter09

The Woods of Turan Choks are a territory consisting of two islands in the Central Sector. The Northwesternmost of these islands was one of the original six areas opened to hunters during DinoHunt's first hunting program.

DinoHunt Corp. Description Edit

"A mild climate and good range of sight make this a great beginner's map. This was the first island explored on the new planet. Turan Choks, named for the captain of the science vessel to discover the planet, is a hilly wooded area populated by a variety of dinosaurs."


The Woods of Turan Choks was the first area on the planet to be discovered by humans, and was named after Turan Choks, the captain of the science vessel who discovered the planet. During the first program, only the Northwestern island appeared on the area maps given to hunters. Eventually, the second, larger island was opened for hunting as well during the reloaded program.


The Woods of Turan Choks are made up of two islands - the original island to the Northwest, and the larger extended area to the South. Although the islands are mostly featureless woodland, a few landmarks and geological features are still present in the area.

The Woods of Turan Choks icon

The tip of the inlet from the original island, complete with coastal plants growing along its banks.

The Inlet Edit

In the Western portion of the original island, there exists a small inlet from the coast that flows inland through a small group of bordering hills, providing an obstacle to both hunters and dinosaurs wandering the island. A similar inlet is on the Southern island too, this one, however, not a curved and bent as on the original island.

Mud Pools Edit

Two mud pools exist on the original island, one in the Northwest, and another in the Southeast. Filled with murky, muddy water, these pools serve no purpose to a hunter.

Hooked Shorline Edit

On the Southern shoreline of the original island, what appears to have been a closed inland body of water has stilled into the sea surrounding the island. The inland lake may have been a drinking area for dinosaurs, but now very little evidence remains of the pool remains other than two extensions of land hooking down into the sea, looking as if they may have completely surrounded a bay.

Plateau Edit

On the Southern potion of the larger landmass, a large circular plateau erupts upwards from the ground on the coast. Providing an imposing clifface whilst on the beach, the high protrusion can be climbed via the use of a flat pathway spiralling to the top.

Large Bay Edit

A large bay lies on the larger landmass, almost completely cut off from the ocean by two protruding extensions of land. The bay is quite sizable, taking up a good portion of the Southern island. A small islet lies in the centre of the bay, providing an isolated hiding spot for hunter from larger dinosaurs.


The Woods of Turan Choks are mainly covered by a single type of tree, Glossopteris . On the original island, the


The dense, claustrophobic forsets in the Northern section of the second island.

trees grew far apart from each other, providing the hunter with a relatively open landscape to hunt on. In the Northern section of the larger island, the trees grow in a dense, claustrophobic woods, providing very little room to hunt or flee. They do, however, disperse across the island and allow the landscape to open up again. Smaller shrubs and a variant of Thistle also grow on the ground of both islands. Horsetails and coastal plants grow along the shores of the islands and can even be found further inland than usual due to the inlets from the coast.

Official AppearancesEdit

The Woods of Turan Choks is the first map to hunt on in Carnivores.

The Woods of Turan Choks map-1-1

The original map of the Woods of Turan Choks handed down to hunters during DinoHunt Corp.'s first hunting program, showcasing only the Northwestern island open for hunting.

Other AppearancesEdit

The Woods of Turan Choks is the first map to hunt on in Carnivores Reloaded and Carnivores+.


  • The Woods of Turan Choks was originally made for Carnivores by Action Forms themselves. Eventually it was extended and made compatible for later Carnivores games by glitchhunter09.
  • If one looks closely at the textures arranged on the map, then one may see the word "Carnivores" spelt out in the Northwest section of the original island. This can be seen in-game, although it's much easier to see with a map editor such as AltEditor II.
  • Being the first map available to hunt on in the first Carnivores game, The Woods of Turan Choks is a very basic map, and is often criticized and said to be the worst map in the official Carnivores franchise.