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Tyrannosaurus Rex is a large carnivorous dinosaur native to the Central Sector. It is one of the largest predatory dinosaurs and probably the most well-known dinosaur of all time. Widely regarded by hunters as one of the most dangerous carnivore found so far on the planet, it shows extremely high levels or aggression to humans and other animals.

It grows to sizes of 10 to 14 meters, with a wide weight range among adults of 6 tonnes. Some hunters have claimed to have encountered even larger ones.

Tyrannosaurus is by most estimations the top predator in its habitats, thriving in the Central sector. It is more common than competitors such as Giganotsaurus and the Ceratosaurus, making it one the most successful species in its niche.

The Tyrannosaurus presents the most challenging hunt possible in the Central Sector. Its keen senses and bulletproof hide make this a creature that most clients have simply opted not to hunt at all.

Tyrannosaurus (Jurassic Park Hunter)




Isla Sorna,Isla Nublar,Isla Poco,Isla Muerta


Blue Tongue, Trexoid, Brundle


Tyrannosaurus belongs to Theropoda, a group within Dinosauria that includes all carnivorous and omnivorous dinosaurs, as well as birds. It is characterized by its unique skull shape, large serrated teeth, great bite force and small, two-fingered arms.

The Tyrannosaurus in FMM-UV 32 differs from its counterparts on Earth and Terra Mimicus 001 in several anatomical aspects, such as a narrower neck, longer legs and rounder skull shape and larger eyes.

there is also another speices of T.rex found on the planet that looks alot more like its earth counterpart but grows to larger sizes to around 12 to 14 meters and weighing around 6 to 18 tonnes see the Tyrannosaurus (Jurassic Park hunter picture)


The Tyrannosaurus is famous among hunters for its unique traits that make it the ultimate challenge: its top-rate senses, near bulletproof hide, and sheer tenacity. It cannot be killed with any of the weapons allowed by DinoHunt unless it is shot in the eye. No single animal is worthy of greater respect for facing off with.

The Ancients apparently considered this creature to be worthy of worship, or at the very least, reverence. This is evidenced by the large statues and temples seemingly made in its honor.

Official Appearances

Tyrannosaurus is the last huntable animal unlocked in Carnivores, Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. In all games, Tyrannosaurus retains its original Target Zone- the eyes, where it must be shot to be killed. It is the only dinosaur which retains its Target Zones since Carnivores 2.

In Carnivores, Tyrannosaurus was the only dinosaur that could not be tranquilized- the Tranquilizer option was automatically unchecked whenever Tyrannosaurus was hunted, so it had to be killed and taken to the Trophy Room. In the sequels, Tyrannosaurus could technically be tranquilized, but the model does not include a sleep animation and the animal still appears dead when shot. A sleep animation may be added to the Tyrannosaurus model in a future fan-made patch.

Other Appearances


Tyrannosaurus rex simulacrus




Triassic Sector



"Nightmare" is a spectral Tyrannosaurus which was reported by several hunters during the very first days of the Triassic hunting program. According to the reports, its appearance was always accompanied by the screams of tortured souls. Many hunters believed the Nightmare was an incarnation of the restless souls of dinosaurs which came back to haunt the hunters who killed them. The Nightmare could apparently be killed, and several hunters still claim to hold a few specimens in their trophy rooms. Despite this, no new Nightmare sightings have been reported for many years, and the first reports are widely agreed to be the result of stress and abrupt exposure to the Triassic sector's heat.


Some people find it the hardest dinosaur to hunt others find it the easiest as it dies in one shot in the eye

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