Pyramids of Shmu-Hadron



Date of Release

June 1 2012


Central Sector


Desert, Forest





The Pyramids of Shmu-Hadron is an area in the Central Sector. The northwesternmost part of the area was one of the original six areas opened to hunters during DinoHunt's first hunting program.


Several Millennia before human arrival, this site was a major Ancient city, possibly a capital city of one of the Ancient cultures. Eventually their civilization was destroyed due to unknown causes. No one knows where this city once was before it was destroyed.

During the first program, only the northwestern island appeared on the area maps given to hunters. Eventually, the rest of the area was opened for hunting as well.



A vast open desert covers a large portion of the island. This area makes a good place to ambush unwary dinosaurs, as there are no trees or rocks to obstruct shooting.


Northern OasisEdit

A large oasis is located in the northeastern corner of the island, providing much-needed drinking water for dinosaurs and other creatures seeking to quench their parched throats.


The desert part of this map is a growing ground for thistles and several types of fern, though the various oases also contain deciduous trees more typical to the northern reaches of the sector.

Ancient MonumentsEdit

This map is known for its ancient monuments, mainly the titular pyramids, though other structures exist here as well.



An ancient Tomb filled with mystery. Deep within the walls is a Sarcophagus that remains open. Apparently, the doorway into the tomb has been damaged which means humans and dinosaurs alike may enter at will. The Tomb is like a winding maze and can provide cover for Hunter and prey alike. Walking around a corner could put the hunter face to face with a hungry Carnivore or fall into one of the gas traps that the ancients set up to exterminate intruders or anyone stupid enough to fall in to them. The actual properties of the gas traps are unknown at this time. However, the gas is a bright redish pink.

Official AppearancesEdit

The Pyramids of Shmu-Hadron is the fifth playable map in Carnivores.

Other AppearancesEdit

The Pyramids of Shmu-Hadron is the fifth playable map in Carnivores Reloaded.


  • This map was originally made for Carnivores by Action Forms themselves. Eventually it was extended and made compatible for later Carnivores games by glitchhunter09.
  • It is in the works of being remade by glitchhunter09 to make a more desert landscape