Hunters are the protagonists in the first Carnivores game trilogy and most Carnivores mods.


The hunters are clients of DinoHunt Corp. with a license to hunt on the company's property. They are wealthy, often key individuals in the human empire such as businessmen, industrialists and politicians from Earth and other human colonies.

The key factor for registration to DinoHunt's dinosaur hunting program, besides wealth, is physical fitness: hunters are allowed to carry up to 5 weapons at default and use all the accessories like the Radar- a task which requires considerable strength. In addition, they need a considerable amount of durability and stamina, often being required to marathon through an entire island while traversing treacherous landscape, crossing rivers, scaling mountains and avoiding dangerous wildlife. The fitness requirements are even greater for clients who wish to hunt in the Triassic Sector, where the maximum number of weapons is 8, and the intense heat and more treacherous, often volcanic areas take a greater toll on the human body.

Despite the dangerous nature of dinosaur hunting, the hunters always travel alone; when distressed, they are allowed to summon a Supply Ship which will drop additional supplies, or ask to be teleported off the planet surface; the teleportation is not immediate and takes a few seconds to activate, but in many a case has saved hunters from being killed by the local wildlife.

When a Hunter signs up for the DinoHunt Corp. hunting experience, they are required to sign a waiver that removes DinoHunt Corp of all legal responsibilities while visiting their property. (such as death or dismemberment)

Due to the extreme danger of dinosaur hunting and high mortality rate among hunters, the popularity of dinosaur hunting has dwindled over the years, leading DinoHunt to attempt more aggressive marketing through traveling zoos to human colonies such as Crater City, causing the Crater City Incident.

Hunter ModelEdit

In the games, the hunter is always portrayed as a Caucasian male in his late 20's - early 30's. Despite this, it is reasonable to assume that DinoHunt clients are of various ages, genders and ethnicities.

As the games are played from a first-person perspective, the hunter is never seen except in death, in which case the camera moves to third-person perspective, circling around the dying hunter for a few seconds before returning to the hunting menu. The Hunter model actually is set to spawn when the player dies and has its own AI to handle this. (AI 0) The hunter model is similar in appearance to that of the Poacher.