Fort Ciskin



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October 9 1999


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Abandoned FortEdit

In the Eastern half of the island lies an abandoned wooden fort on the eastern end of a serpentine lake and further enclosed by a "Dinosaur Wall' like in Manya Jungle. The fort appears to have been breached and terrorized by a large animal. Judging by the condition of the wood, this was probably built sometime after the officiated discovery of the planet. Skeletal remains were swiftly recovered and given to federal authorities of the FMM solar system for examination. Bite marks on the bones matched the teeth of the planet's T. Rex, leading general consensus to the conclusion that the fort was ultimately destroyed by a large individual of this species.

While skeletal remains prove this place to have been populated by humans, it is unknown why they were here. It is unlikely that one Tyrannosaurus killed all of its inhabitants on the spot, yet no human remains have been discovered elsewhere on the island. Because of this, it is typically believed, but not confirmed, that the survivors escaped the landmass entirely.

The mysterious nature of this fort has led to endless speculation. The fact that the survivors were apparently able to escape lends credence to the notion that they had access to a vessel capable of flight; a quality that typically indicates poaching activity. On the other hand, several organizations vehemently opposed the ownership of the planet by a single company, so it is speculated that this fort may have been populated by one or more of these groups as a lifelong sit-in protest. This notion has in turn led to conspiracy theories about DinoHunt Corp intentionally getting them killed, but these clash with the company's history of nonviolence when dealing with even the most extremist of protest groups. Also, an abandoned hut located in the northwest of Fort Ciskin island is similar to the huts in the abandoned fort. See the Carnivores Wiki Fort Ciskin page to find the location of the hut.


The stonehenge is similar to the stonehenge on earth. It is located on a small stone hill mostly surrounded by a beach.

Official AppearancesEdit

Fort Ciskin is the second map in Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter. It is also available on the iOS ports of Carnivores: Ice Age. And Carnivores Ice Age 2.

Other AppearancesEdit