Carnivores Triassic



Date of Release

September 7 2007 (V1) May 25 2012 (Beta 1 of V2), January 1st 2017 (V2 Final Release)


Carnivores: Ice Age



Carnivores Triassic is a total-conversion mod for Carnivores: Ice Age, which takes place at the same continuity as official Carnivores games and introduces the Triassic Sector, with its unique flora and fauna.


Carnivores Triassic was one of the longest-running mods on The Carnivores Saga. It started
Triassic old menum

The first incarnation's menu design

out in September 7 2007 as a partial-conversion mod for Carnivores 2. Since most modding tools did not exist at the time, the mod featured no new maps or models. It included reskinned, renamed versions of Carnivores 2 and Ice Age animals, as well as new menu graphics, alongside vanilla Carnivores 2 maps and weapons. Despite being extremely buggy and lacking many assets, the mod was popular with the Carnivores Saga community at the time, until its eventual demise three months later.

The mod was revived and overhauled in its current form on May 25 2012. This time, it was modded from Carnivores Ice Age rather than Carnivores 2, and all vanilla assets were replaced with custom ones. It's final release was made available at midnight on the 1st of January. Sometimes patches and previously unfinished content is released.


In previous Carnivores games, the hunters explored the Central Sector and the Arctic Sector of the planet FMM-UV 32, hunting dinosaurs and mammals, though most of the planet still remained unexplored.

Recently, DinoHunt Corp. explored and opened a new area on the planet to its clients: the Triassic Sector, with the promise of challenging desert environments and the opportunity to hunt the elusive, rare Megalosaurus and other primitive dinosaurs, archosaurs and synapsids which are not found anywhere else on the planet.


Carnivores Triassic's assets and overall theme were meant to contrast those of existing Carnivores games. Its desert theme contrasts the previous games' tropical and arctic themes, and the primitive archosaurs and synapsids as huntables contrast the dinosaurs and mammals.

Ambient AnimalsEdit

Animals featured, or planned to be featured, in the current incarnation of the mod include:

Animals featured in the first incarnation of the mod include:

Huntable AnimalsEdit

Animals featured, or planned to be featured, in the current incarnation of the mod include:

DLC Animals planned,or included in the second incarnation of the mod include:

  • Vulcanodon (Pending or Discontinued) (Replaces Plateosaurus)

Animals featured in the first incarnation of the mod include:


The first incarnation of the mod featured vanilla Carnivores 2 weapons. The second incarnation features the following weapons:


The first incarnation of the mod featured vanilla Carnivores 2 maps. The second incarnation features the following maps:


Carnivores Triassic features all items available in Carnivores: Ice Age, including the Supply Ship, which has been repainted with a desert camo pattern to fit the Triassic environment.


Due to the immense popularity of Carnivores Triassic's first incarnation, and the abruptcy of its discontinuity, several attempts to recreate or revive the mod were made by various members of the Carnivores Saga during the 5-year interval of time between its first and second incarnations. Often, these versions featured no new models or maps, instead relying on reskins much like the first incarnation. Some of these include:

  • Carnivores Triassic V2.0 by raptorkiller2- had Ornitholestes renamed Eoraptor, added Postosuchus(reskinned Spinosaurus) and featured new weapons. All other assets from the first incarnation remained unchanged.
  • Carnivores Triassic V3.0 by raptorkiller2- revised menu graphics, changed skins for most animals.
  • Carnivores Triassic: Revisited by Eocarcharia2006- a Carnivores 2 mod inspired by CT's first incarnation, but not directly continuting it. Revised menu graphics, planned a completely new cast of animals, maps and weapons. Never got past planning stage. Its production was stopped following the release of CT's second incarnation.

List of DevelopersEdit

  • P.Rex- project leader. Also in charge of skins, menu graphics, sounds and map creation.
  • pheonix- modeling.
  • ibuildcircuits- modeling and animating.
  • Surf by Shootin- modeling and animating.
  • Alien DH- weapon concepts, sounds and skins.
  • JenDOS_RUS- created the Dilophosaurus, which provided the basis for the Liliensternus and Daemonosaurus
  • Rexhunter99- created the Magnum, which provided the basis for the .454 Revolver.
  • Jim Vance- created the M4 Assault Rifle.