Carnivores Reloaded



Date of Release

January 2 2012 (Beta 1) August 21 2017 (Final Release)


Carnivores 2



Carnivores Reloaded is an unfinished partial-conversion mod for Carnivores 2 whose aim was to recreate the hunting experience of the first Carnivores, using its unique assets, with the better Carnivores 2 engine. It has since been abandoned and replaced by Carnivores+.



After the so-called "C1 Territories" remained mostly closed for over a decade following the first hunting program, DinoHunt gradually began opening them once again to hunters as part of the second program.


Most features here were imported from Carnivores, though a few custom assets, and some from Carnivores 2, exist here as well.

Ambient AnimalsEdit

Huntable AnimalsEdit

Like their equivalents in Carnivores, all huntable animals here have Target Zones. (except the Ankylosaurus since it was replaced with the Pachycephalosaurus early on.) The skins have been modified to prevent 0,0,0 black transparency. (the original Carnivores 1 skins seemed to have an issue with this. It has been corrected as a result.)



Note that all the maps are slightly higher than their carnivores 1 counterparts. This is a side effect of the conversion to Carnivores 2 format.

Fixes for the Original AnimalsEdit

In addition to the original skins being fixed to remove transparency, the Moschops also gets back its Carnivores 1 footstep sound. In Carnivores 2, it was changed to the Dimetrodon's for some strange reason.

List of DevelopersEdit

  • glitchhunter09- project leader. Also in charge of sounds and half the maps.
  • P.Rex- menu graphics design and half the maps.
  • Rexhunter99- created the Magnum and the patches that Reloaded comes with.
  • ibuildcircuits- Model for Seismosaurus. Patch to make Seismosaurus a unique AI.
  • JenDOS_RUS- Dilophosaurus and Carnotaurus models. Also responsible for a number of the new .3DF models introduced in Reloaded.
  • machf for converting the original Carnivores 1 maps.