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Carnivores 2



Carnivores Community Edition(also known as CCE or Carnivores Custom Edition) is an extensive modification of the Carnivores 2 engine, allowing new features within the game. Its production has been discontinued due to the departure of its developer, adelphospro. It does, however, continue to be a popular modding tool.



CCE retains all animals, maps, weapons and items from the vanilla Carnivores 2, while introducing new assets and features:

  • Weapon holding perspective has been changed from center-focused to right-handed.
  • Crosshairs have been added to improve aiming.
  • The Yeti and Supply Ship from Carnivores: Ice Age have been added.
  • Animal attacks now reduce health gradually rather than instakilling the hunter.
  • "Mods"- the game enables to assign multiple CAR files to each animal AI, allowing modders to create multiple versions, skins or models of each animal in the game.
  • Debug mode and all cheats have been revised.
  • Killer Islands and Pyramid Lake were available in one of CCE's releases. However, they were not available in the last release before CCE's discontinuation.

Known ProblemsEdit

  • CCE does not support DirectX 9 or OpenGL rendering, forcing players to hunt in Software Mode or the outdated DirectX 7.
  • A glitch toggles mouse reversal on and it cannot be disabled afterwards.

List of DevelopersEdit

  • adelphospro- project leader, programming, mapping.