Carnivores Cityscape
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Date of Release

March 28th, 2002


Serious Engine 1


Sunstorm Interactive

Carnivores Cityscape is the fourth game in the Carnivores series. It is the only game in the series to be developed by Sunstorm Interactive and published by Infogrames.

Story Edit

In the year 2267, after the lackluster performance of the Ice Age tour, DinoHunt decides to send a travelling zoo of dinosaurs taken from FMM-UV 32 to various Earth colonies in an attempt to drum up business for their hunting tours again.

The tours go well, but disaster strikes when one of the dinosaur transports, DinoHunt VII, is overrun by it's saurian cargo. The dinosaurs kill the crew and escape the destroyed ship, eventually making their way into Crater City, where they cause immense havoc. In light of the event, DinoHunt hires agents in order to try and eradicate the escaped dinosaurs.

Gameplay Edit

Carnivores Cityscape features two main campaigns; Agent and Dinosaur.

The Agent campaign plays much like a standard first-person shooter, where players must kill dinosaurs and complete the specified objective of each mission.

The Dinosaur campaign plays somewhat like the Agent campaign, but none of the dinosaurs feature projectile weapons, although some can do a pounce attack. In the Dinosaur campaign, the player changes dinosaurs depending on the mission selected.

Levels Edit

Carnivores Cityscape has 5 different level types; Wilderness, City, Aqueducts, Subway and Slums.

Wilderness: A large park consisting of woods and the crashed ship. The only dinosaurs encountered here are Coelophysus, a few Oviraptors, and a Nanotyrannus as the boss.

City: Crater City, a remote earth colony, has been completly evacuated except for one senator trapped in city hall. It is overrun by all dinosaurs previously encountered.

Aqueducts: The underground sewers are very dark and crawling with Alphadon, previously encountered dinosaurs, and the dangerous Suchomimus.

Subway: The subway tunnels are also very dark and overrun with all previously encountered dinosaurs, just in more closed spaces.

Slums: The area around the DinoHunt Corp. Chemical Division is crawling with all previously encountered dinosaurs in much larger numbers, and the Giganotosaurus.

Featured Animals Edit

Carnivores Cityscape has 8 featured animals; three ambient and five playable.

Ambient Edit

Playable Edit