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The Allosaurus on the planet FMM UV-32 looks vastly different from the Earth species, growing to around 4 to 6 meters and weighing about 1 tonne. They are often compared to the Velociraptors because of their similar appearance, speed, and jumping ability. They can be distinguished by their large feet, brown coloring, and slightly larger size.

The Allosaurus is an excellent carnivore for new and budding hunters on Dino Hunt Corp. property to test their luck with. However, this doesn't mean it is an easy kill. The Allosaurus is very speedy and has a keen sense of smell, good hearing, and decent vision.

Perhaps the larger threat is the chance of encountering one while hunting herbivores. Many inexperienced and even experienced hunters have been killed by not noticing an Allosaurus sneaking up behind them until it's too late.

It is one of the most successful carnivores on the planet, thriving not only in the Central Sector,but also in many others. The key to its success is its moderation of size and speed.

Fame Edit

Allosaurus is notorious for killing more hunters than any other animal on the planet. It is entirely solitary despite its abundance, leaving individuals scattered around every island of the regions it inhabits. This, combined with its camouflage, has led to many clients exhibiting paranoid behavior during their hunts.

Its sounds are also infamous among hunters, often being compared to engine noises. The sound of its pounce in particular has been known to trigger a fight-or-flight reaction in even the most seasoned of hunters.

Official AppearancesEdit

Allosaurus is one of the huntable animals in Carnivores, Carnivores 2 and Carnivores: Dinosaur Hunter, where it is the first carnivorous animal encountered by the player it is a very common and succesful animal on the planet due to it being large and agile it is known to inhabit many areas of the planet, sometimes appearing on the map despite not being selected in the menu. In Carnivores this animal had a Target Zone that included the head, neck and upper back.

Other AppearancesEdit

  • Allosaurus is the first huntable carnivore in Carnivores Reloaded, where it also retains its original Target Zones from Carnivores. In addition, it uses the original model and texture resolutions from the first game, giving a much more accurate appearance. The skin was also fixed to remove the transparent black color in OpenGL/3DFX Glide and Direct 3D modes.
  • A reskinned Allosaurus is a huntable animal in Dragon Quest, where it is referred to as a "Small Bipedal Dragon".


  • Allosaurus was the first animal model created by Action Forms, as proved by a series of prototype

    A prototype rendering of Allosaurus.

    screenshots revealed in a press release prior to the release of Carnivores.
  • It looks slightly similar to a raptor, but without the toe claw.

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