An agent armed with a shotgun and pistol

The Agents are the military personnel (and possibly law enforcment) located in Crater City on Earth, where they were tasked with taking out the dinosaur threat. After the Cityscape incident, a task force of Agents were stationed on FMM UV-32 as a military police force and aid Dino Hunt Corp in eliminating the Poachers.

They are only featured Carnivores Cityscape and the mod Carnivores IV Hunter Hunted. In Carnivores Cityscape, they are the main opposing force in the Dinosaur campaign, where they are frequently encountered in small squads. In the Human campaign, the player controls an agent who must exterminate the dinosaur threat. Other Agents are never encountered in the Human campaign.

They are clad in full body armor, which features night vision, thermal vision, and a radio communication system. The weapons used by the Agents include the standard issue Pistol, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Grenade Launcher, and X- Rifle. They are also a playable faction in the online multiplayer portion of the game.